With a focus on education and learning, United Way of Tarrant County (UWTC) understands the importance of preparing the next generation to contribute to their own success and their community. From supporting early-childhood literacy to helping youth pave a path to a bright future, we want the next generation of Tarrant County leaders to have the tools they need to succeed.

Mentorship plays a significant role in guiding children down this path, which is why UWTC granted $45,000 to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Tarrant County in 2022.

This vital funding helped enable this organization to foster life-changing mentor relationships for 785 young people last year, such as the remarkable bond between Little Brother George and Big Brother Ethan Plott.

George and Ethan were first paired through a school-based program when George was in elementary school. The duo quickly formed a deep connection, engaging in various activities and sharing lunches during their first year together. When it was time for George to transition to middle school, instead of parting ways like many school-based matches, they decided to continue their friendship through the program.

Following the COVID-19 pandemic, George, like many students, experienced difficulty transitioning back to in-person learning. He faced academic struggles and lacked confidence in school, leading to his skipping classes. George’s mother turned to Ethan for guidance.

Ethan became an invaluable positive influence in George’s life. He helped George with homework, answered his questions and took him to the library to work on assignments. Ethan imparted the importance of surrounding oneself with supportive peers, encouraging George to stay engaged throughout the school day.

As their mentorship progressed, George discovered a passion for photography. Recognizing the significance of George’s interest, Ethan invested time and effort into nurturing George’s photography skills. Together, they embarked on various photo shoots across the DFW Metroplex, with Ethan guiding camera techniques and lighting. George’s mother expressed immense gratitude for Ethan’s positive influence, witnessing growth in her son’s self-esteem.

Thanks to donations from the community to the United Way of Tarrant County Community Fund, UWTC is able to contribute to transformative organizations like Big Brothers Big Sisters, which directly shape brighter futures for our youngest generations. These powerful investments help us in our efforts to ensure Tarrant County is a better place to live for years to come.