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It’s essential to us that every donation is used efficiently, effectively – and for the causes our donors care about. Here’s everything you need to know.

Why should I give to United Way of Tarrant County and not directly to a charity?

Gifts made directly to United Way of Tarrant County have a multifaceted local impact. First, they support research-based initiatives and programs that we lead and manage. Second, they support the good works of other vetted nonprofits through allocations. All funds stay local to serve those in North Texas communities.

Where does my money go? 

You can choose to send your donation to the Community Fund or as a Designated Gift to one of our initiatives and/or charities of your choice.

  • The United Way Community Fund offers the most powerful way to invest in your community. The funds are unrestricted, allowing United Way of Tarrant County to allocate the amount needed to address the most current and recently emerging issues affecting our community. The Community Fund also supports the Area Agency on Aging and a portion of our operational costs.
  • A Designated Gift allows you to choose which United Way of Tarrant County initiative, program or funded agency will receive your donation, and 100% of your donation goes to those you select. 

United Way of Tarrant County annually provides a financial report called Funding Distribution to show the organizations that receive funding from United Way of Tarrant County and the amount of the funding. Find this and other reports at the bottom of this page.

Does United Way charge fees on donations?

No. United Way of Tarrant County does not charge a fee for processing, and if you choose a Designated Gift, 100% of your gift will go to that cause. If you choose our Community Fund, 16% goes toward our operational costs.

How much of my donation goes to overhead, including executive salaries?

If you choose a Designated Gift, none of your gift will go to our overhead. If you give to the United Way Community Fund, we use about 16% of your donation for operational expenses, including administrative and fundraising costs. We allocate the remaining funds to our funded agencies and initiatives.

Executive salaries and operational expenses (rent, utilities, technology and information security, etc.) are paid for by grants and other private donations.

United Way of Tarrant County is a member of United Way Worldwide, which is the largest nonprofit organization in the world. It is a separate organization with separate financials. Financial information about United Way of Tarrant County and United Way Worldwide, including CEO salaries, can be found on  Charity Navigator.

What is the CEO’s salary and how does it compare to the national organization?

The salary for our current president and CEO is available to the public via Charity Navigator, as is the salary for the CEO of United Way Worldwide. CEO salaries for United Way of Tarrant County and United Way Worldwide are comparable to those of other top executives of charities and foundations in the United States. Visit Charity Navigator for additional financial information regarding United Way of Tarrant County and United Way Worldwide.

How does a nonprofit organization become a United Way of Tarrant County funded agency?

United Way of Tarrant County provides opportunities for local nonprofits to apply for funding through a vetted Requests for Proposals (RFP) process.

How does United Way of Tarrant County determine its allocation of funds?

United Way of Tarrant County announces Requests for Proposals (RFPs) via email, social media and our website for funding that falls within the Safety Net, Veterans Fund or Women's Fund categories. 

  • If appropriate, we hold a bidder’s conference to inform applicants and address any questions before the completion of the proposal.
  • Volunteer review panels consider and rank each response.
  • The panel’s recommendations move forward to the Community Investment Cabinet for its approval for funding.
  • The Board of Directors provides final approval.

For our One Second Collaborative (OSC) initiative, potential funded agencies submit a formal Letter of Intent (LOI) during a set timeline.

  • Those agencies will then be sent a Request for Application. 
  • Agencies must attend a bidder’s conference to address any questions.
  • Agencies then submit applications for consideration. 
  • OSC funding is approved by the OSC Steering Committee.

Does United Way of Tarrant County support Planned Parenthood?

We are not affiliated with Planned Parenthood, nor is the organization a funded agency. Further, Planned Parenthood is not involved in any of our programs or initiatives.

United Way does not give any money to Planned Parenthood. However, if an individual donor designates Planned Parenthood in writing through a United Way of Tarrant County Campaign conducted at his/her workplace – even though the organization is not listed on our pledge forms or on E-pledge – by law, United Way of Tarrant County must give that money to the organization. It is the donor giving the money, not United Way. We simply follow the law.

In addition, we do not charge fees on donor-designated gifts, so we do not receive any monetary value from such a donation. The same can be said for any unaffiliated registered 501(c)3 organization that donors designate in writing on our pledge form or in E-pledge.

Audited Financial Statements

2023, 2023 Single Audit



IRS Form 990




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