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What we do

Most people have heard of United Way. Few know what we do.

That’s probably because we do so much.

United Way of Tarrant County serves all 64 ZIP codes in Tarrant County. We uncover the root causes of challenges in our community and then find the best ways to solve them – whether that means partnering with other organizations or creating new programs ourselves.

From early education to elder care, we improve lives by bringing together fellow nonprofits, businesses and individuals. Ultimately, we want every person to thrive in our communities, be welcomed in our neighborhoods and benefit from a strong economy.

We’ve been making a difference for more than 100 years.

Research and Strategy

We conduct extensive research to identify the root cause of challenges in Tarrant County, engaging the community to build strategies that foster long-term change.

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Programs We Lead

After we identify needs, we partner with other organizations to meet those needs, leading the strategy but relying on their experience and existing frameworks to provide services.

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Programs We Run

If there are no existing organizations meeting the needs we’ve discovered, we may develop and run programs ourselves, filling gaps in services in our community.

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Area Agency on Aging (AAA)

Supporting older adults, people with disabilities, and their caregivers, AAA is a large part of our organization – and is the only one in Texas that is part of a local United Way.

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Other Organizations We Work With

We work with some amazing organizations to address the needs of our community. Many partner with us on our initiatives. Others receive grants to support our areas of focus. We all lift each other up. You can see the organizations listed in the designation dropdown on our donate page.