The Work Continues: A Message from Leah M. King, President and CEO United Way of Tarrant County

By April 21, 2021 No Comments

Like many of you, I was relieved after learning of the verdict in George Floyd’s trial yesterday but I admit I was quite nervous about the outcome before hearing from the jury, and that saddens me.  It saddens me to think that we continue to grapple with a justice system that doesn’t always get it right.  It saddens me that mass killings and shootings are so commonplace in our society, so much so that we barely even speak about them at length.  It saddens me that violence against Asian Americans is so rampant.  It saddens me that it is so difficult to even agree that we all should be working toward an anti-racist society.

I know we live in a world of immense beauty and occasional pain, and sometimes it can be a challenge to be hopeful but we must.  In order to achieve our highest possibilities as a community, and as people who love one another we should take a moment to examine ourselves and truly continue the important work that we do every day.  Our work is that light that shines in the darkness.  Our work is what brings joy and comfort to so many.  We can be the living, breathing examples of what is possible; people who do not shy away from the hard conversations, or the hard work.  Rather, we are the people who march toward the sadness and pain and strive to make it better.

So much work is needed to help all of us move from angst from a potential verdict, to confidence that the criminal justice, education, healthcare – better yet, all systems work equally for all people.  We all have those rights as Americans and we all deserve to experience them in the very same way.  Along with you, I wish peace for the family of George Floyd and pray for justice for the countless other families who still seek justice.  Let’s you and I keep working to be that light for ourselves, our families and our community.

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