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The Texas Silver-Haired Legislature (TSHL), through United Way of Tarrant County’s Area Agency on Aging, today announced it has posted the Notice to File for candidacy and important information at www.unitedwaytarrant.org/aaatc/, for senior citizens who want to represent Tarrant County in the legislative process.

The Texas Silver-Haired Legislature is a nonprofit and nonpartisan organization comprised of all volunteer representatives, elected by Texans 60 years of age and older. It was established in 1985 to provide senior citizens an opportunity to become directly involved in the legislative process as it relates to aging. The organization also serves as a forum for senior citizens to debate issues and establish priorities based on the results of these discussions.

Volunteers elected represent 28 regions and serve two-year terms. They hold town hall meetings throughout the state, including Tarrant County, to visit with people from all walks of life and to gather their input on issues facing older Texans.  They use the feedback to conduct their own legislative session in even-numbered years at the state capitol and provide resolutions for consideration by the governor, senators, and representatives.  For the 2019 legislative session, TSHL prioritized and adopted 48 resolutions.

“The Texas Silver-Haired Legislature strives to promote good government and senior welfare in our community,” said Don Smith, Vice President of Community Investment and Director of the Area Agency on Aging at United Way of Tarrant County. “We are proud to support the Texas Silver-Haired Legislature’s efforts as part of our commitment to older adults in Tarrant County.”

To qualify to become a member of the Texas Silver-Haired Legislature, individuals must request and file required election forms by February 28, 2019, at 1500 N. Main St., Suite 200, Fort Worth, Texas 76164. The notice of elections with voting information will be posted March 14, 2019, on the Texas Silver-Haired Legislature website (www.txshl.org) as well as United Way of Tarrant County’s Area Agency on Aging website provided above. Information is also available by calling the Area Agency on Aging at 817/258-8000.

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