Tarrant County Charities Offering Unemployment Resources During COVID-19

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During the outbreak of COVID-19, the economy went from reasonably healthy to having a major unexpected downturn in a matter of days. This, along with government-mandated shelter-in-place orders that are forcing businesses to close their doors until further notice, is taking a toll on companies. In fact, many firms are having to lay off or furlough a large portion of their employees to stay afloat.  During these hard times, it is important to be aware of the resources you have around you to help you deal with unemployment. There are several Tarrant County charities that work to provide things like counseling, family finance education, employment resources, and more to help those who are unemployed cope with their situation. Read on as we discuss the available resources in Tarrant County for the unemployed.


Losing a job can put a lot of stress on individuals. Having feelings of frustration, panic, anger, and depression are all normal reactions to becoming unemployed. While it is common to have these feelings, it is important to know where you can go to share them so that you are no bottling things up. Below are some counseling resources to help you manage your emotions during this trying time.

Catholic Charities Fort Worth Clinical Counseling – As one of the oldest Tarrant County charities, this nonprofit is well-equipped to handle various disasters (in this case, COVID-19). Catholic Charities Fort Worth is currently utilizing technology to meet with clients in an effort to prepare them for the external economic impacts that Coronavirus has created.

Lena Pope Individual and Family Counseling – There has been a sudden spike in child deaths, child abuse, and domestic violence cases in Tarrant County within the last couple of weeks. Officials believe that this was brought on by the county’s shelter-in-place order, which can produce major family stressors. During COVID-19, Lena Pope is offering immediate support via their Stay Strong helpline for emotional, mental health, and behavioral challenges that may arise after being laid off or during quarantine.


Emergency Assistance

There are several organizations out there that provide temporary assistance for things like rent, utilities, and food while an individual works to get back on their feet. Outlined below are some great resources for emergency assistance after being laid off.

Community Action Partners (CAP) – This organization provides financial assistance to eligible households for utilities, rent, minor home rehabilitation, bus passes, and more. The only qualifications required for assistance include living in Tarrant County and meeting the income criteria set by CAP.

Texas Health and Human Services Commission – This nonprofit works to administer health and human services programs for Texans, including Medicaid, SNAP, TANF, CHIP, and more. These programs can help to alleviate some financial stressors that unemployment can trigger.


Employment Resources

When you are recently unemployed, one of the most obvious next steps includes finding a new job. It is important to start by looking at your current skills and talents; assessing what kinds of activities you enjoy and excel at can guide you in your job search as well. Listed below are two resources that can assist you in your quest for employment.

Career Solutions – This nonprofit strives to educate the unemployed and underemployed on how to locate and land their next job. Due to the global pandemic we are currently experiencing, many of the workshops that Career Solutions offer have been moved online.

Workforce Solutions for Tarrant County – This organization is designed to provide free job search assistance and employment related services to adults in Tarrant County. They are currently working to provide these services to Tarrant County residents through their tele-centers to promote social distancing. However, if you find that their lines are busy (and they might be due to the high volume of calls they are experiencing during Coronavirus-related layoffs), Workforce Solutions encourages you to call 2-1-1, the Texas Social Services hotline.


Family Finance

While it is always a good idea to control your spending, difficult financial times call for some bigger adjustments. A job loss or wage cuts make it especially important to be thriftier with your money so that there is still room for you to pay essential bills and to save for potential future emergencies. Below are some great resources that can help to educate individuals and provide them with important money management skills.

Money Management International (MMI) – MMI is an organization that provides financial help through confidential, compassionate, and professional services. They offer budget and debt counseling for those who need help with budgeting, money management skills, and credit issues.

Center for Transforming Lives – This organization is committed to educating women and families about healthy financial management. The Center for Transforming Lives gives those in need the tools required to pay monthly bills and to save money. Some of their services include financial education, financial coaching, and job readiness.

Despite the economic chaos that COVID-19 has created, there is hope. Simply knowing that you are not alone during these times of financial hardship and emotional turmoil can help you to cope with whatever may come your way. Tarrant County charities are doing everything they can to provide residents with the necessary resources to overcome job loss, but they cannot do it without your help. Donate to nonprofits like United Way of Tarrant County to help combat the effects of Coronavirus today.

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