October Employee Spotlight: Tiffany Guzman

By October 19, 2022 No Comments

Meet Tiffany Guzman,

Staff Ombudsman

October is Residents Rights Month, a time to spotlight the rights of residents living in long-term care facilities or receiving care at home or in their communities. The Area Agency on Aging (AAA) ombudsmen team advocates for residents living in assisted care facilities and nursing homes.

Every day, AAA Staff Ombudsman Tiffany Guzman works to improve the quality of life for these residents, ensuring they can continue a life of dignity, respect, choice and as much independence as possible.

Her role includes protecting their rights, speaking with them about their concerns and making observations on their living conditions. Tiffany works with the facilities to address those concerns on behalf of the residents.

If you’re interested in joining Tiffany and our diverse team of caring, driven professionals, check out our current job openings below.

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