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Councilman Brian Byrd (from left), Fort Worth Police Lt. Cynthia O’Neil and United Way of Tarrant County President and CEO TD Smyers talk strategy, impact and community involvement for the Las Vegas Trail Revitalization Project.

The melody of gun shots, sirens and shouting is a familiar lullaby to the children and youth growing up on Las Vegas Trail, the desolate four-lane strip on the west side of Fort Worth that stretches not even a mile, from I-30 south to Camp Bowie Boulevard.

The recipe of deteriorating, low-income apartments, cheap motels and years of community neglect has cultivated a poverty-stricken playground for violence, drug-use, sex-trafficking and crimes against children.

Thankfully, District 3 Councilman Brian Byrd has decided to end the cycle of neglect with his aggressive “Revitalization Project.”

“I’m so excited, because we’ve put together a team that is all high-level leaders who care about people,” Byrd said.

One such leader is our very own United Way of Tarrant County President and CEO TD Smyers, who will be spearheading the project.

“This community, like all communities, it’s a system, and the residents here are part of it, and they need to be part of the solution as well,” Smyers said.

Smyers will oversee six focus groups: public safety, education, housing, social services, economic development and health and wellness. 

Through the United Way’s strategic partnerships with other local non-profits and agencies, we are confident we can work with the Las Vegas Trail community to revitalize the area and improve the quality of life for all who call it home.

Learn more about the Las Vegas Trail Revitalization Project

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