Care for the Caregiver: Beth’s Story

By June 5, 2017 No Comments

“Each day, it seems I have to re-invent the best way to care for Mom,” said Beth, whose mother has Alzheimer’s Disease. But with the help of  some United Way-funded support programs for caregivers, Beth says she has “new hope and promise that Alzheimer’s Disease will not mean the end of me.” The Alzheimer’s Association REACH program has shown Beth how to cope with her mother’s steady decline and how to care for both her mother and herself. The Easter Seals respite care program also provides a caregiver who makes “date nights” possible for Beth and her husband again. “Now, of course, the disease is still there, and we all know how it ends,” said Beth. “But I have a path to follow and tools to help me, thanks to REACH.”

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