United Way of Tarrant County has worked to improve the lives of those in our communities for more than 95 years. As a nonprofit leader, we bring together individuals, groups, donors and service providers to help solve some of the toughest social issues affecting Tarrant County. Each year, United Way helps more than 300,000 people through its resources.

Our vision is thriving communities, welcoming neighborhoods and a strong economy across Tarrant County. We believe active participation in policy advocacy is critical, not just to further the impact of our work, but to drive lasting systemic change.

For the 2019 Legislature, United Way of Tarrant County is advocating for funding and support in the areas of education and health. The selection of education and health is a direct result of our 2019 Community Needs Assessment which identified education and health as two main issues of concerns by the community. The Community Needs Assessment includes input from the public-at-large, key government and civic leaders, partner agencies and other key stakeholders.

United Way of Tarrant County advocates for funding and support of programs that increase access to affordable high-quality childcare, place an emphasis on reading and ensure college readiness for students.

  • Improve and increase access to affordable, high-quality early care and education opportunities.
  • Secure permanent funding for full-day, high-quality prekindergarten.
  • Develop community-based, cross-sector coalitions focused on education pathways from early childhood through adult success.
  • Align and link K-12 and post-secondary systems that prepare students for the successful transition into the workforce.
  • Create a fair school finance system that restores public education funding to at least 2010 per pupil funding levels for each school district.

HEALTHCARE (physical health and behavioral health)
United Way of Tarrant County advocates for funding and support of programs that improve access to affordable, quality healthcare, evidence-based practices and community coalitions among other needs.

  • Expand programs that address the patient/physician ratio, including a lack of physicians to serve culturally and linguistically diverse populations.
  • Expand coverage for and access to affordable, quality healthcare and services.
  • Expand evidence-based practices that reduce abuse and neglect, improve maternal and child health, encourage positive parenting, and promote healthy child development and school readiness.
  • Develop community coalitions focused on improving physical and behavioral health.
  • Expand access to health services through regional public/private transportation solutions.
  • Increase resources for seniors and veterans.

In addition to education and health, United Way of Tarrant County advocates for funding and support of programs to stop predatory lending practices, prevent human trafficking, provide access to affordable, quality housing and address homelessness.

  • Prohibit predatory lending practices, including statewide payday/auto-title lending, by creating strong policies that protect low-income people.
  • Provide access to quality, affordable housing that includes programs for people to help them achieve financial stability, including supportive and transitional housing.
  • Increase education programs to help families and individuals recognize the warning signs of human trafficking as well as how to report suspected human-trafficking to appropriate law enforcement.
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