100 Westchester Plaza residents relocated

By July 25, 2017 No Comments


We’re pleased to announce that all of the 100 residents of Westchester Plaza have moved out of the assisted living facility as of 8/4/17thanks the great efforts and collaboration of the community.  We thank the Westchester Plaza management, collaborating organizations, businesses, volunteers, assisted living facilities throughout the metroplex and the United Way staff on-site. As you know they had until Aug 10th to move and we had some wonderful volunteers and staff step up to help during the last few days to ensure that everything went smoothly before the deadline.

We will be following up with the former Westchester Plaza residents in their new locations in the coming weeks and months to make sure that everything is okay with them.

We’re so grateful for everyone that has been involved in this community effort. Thank you Tarrant County for helping take care of our own.


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