United Way of Tarrant County college and career readiness coaches help students learn about career options and how to apply for college, scholarships and financial aid. They also give one-on-one mentoring to the most at-risk students.

United Way of Tarrant County created 14 GO Centers in Fort Worth Independent School District middle schools to combat students dropping out of high school. The goal of the centers is to help students transition to high school with confidence in their reading and learning ability.

In the GO Centers, college and career readiness mentors help sixth, seventh and eighth-grade students understand the importance of completing high school in order to attend college or join the workforce.

Students receive extra help from career coaches on improving poor behavior, attendance and grades. During the program, coaches develop relationships with students, their families and school administrations to help them succeed. Also, they help students establish goals beyond high school graduation so they are internally motivated to finish school. Coaches do this through a variety of ways, such as field trips to universities or businesses.

Our Go Centers are located in:

  • Daggett MS
  • Dunbar MS
  • Forest Oak MS
  • Glencrest 6th Grade
  • Handley MS
  • Kirkpatrick MS
  • Leonard MS
  • Meacham MS
  • Meadowbrook MS
  • Morningside MS
  • Rosemont MS
  • Rosemont 6th Grade
  • William James MS
  • Eastern Hills High School

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