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UWTC’s Dedicated Volunteers Help Keep Tarrant County Residents Cool

Thursday, October 5, 2023

United Way of Tarrant County’s effort to help those in need depends on the support of the community, including our dedicated volunteers such as Andrew and Winnie Wayne.

The couple recently went above and beyond to deliver a much-needed window A/C unit to Mary,* an older adult living in Northwest Tarrant County.

Mary has been struggling with heart issues and hasn’t had a working A/C for a staggering four years. Her sole income comes from Social Security, making it impossible for her to afford to fix her existing A/C unit.

Thankfully, Mary heard about our Beat the Heat A/C collection drive and reached out to us for help. Andrew and Winnie generously volunteered to deliver a new A/C unit to Mary.

Later that week, 74-year-old Heidi contacted us because she was in desperate need of an A/C unit. Reliant on a wheelchair/motorized scooter, she faced a predicament when she couldn't pick up the unit from the office. Determined to get her the A/C unit as soon as possible, our team reached out to our volunteer network.

Andrew, who resides in Colleyville, made the journey to our office in Fort Worth and then delivered the unit to Heidi. He shared Heidi's excitement and happiness upon hearing we could provide the necessary assistance.

United Way of Tarrant County is incredibly thankful for the kindness of volunteers like Andrew and Winnie who are helping us keep our neighbors safe during the Texas heat.

Our Beat the Heat campaign through the end of September. Discover how you, too, can make a positive impact this summer and bring comfort to those in need:

*Name has been changed.