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United With Uvalde

Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Yesterday was a very dark and devastating day here in Texas and across our country. Our hearts are broken as we try to comprehend the tragic events that took place in Uvalde, TX. We grieve along with the community and individuals that will now have to find a way to heal after this horrific violence. 

This tragedy is exacerbated by the trauma we are all still experiencing following the violence earlier in the month in Buffalo, NY. To see such innocence taken from us too early due to another senseless act of violence is a pain too often felt in America. It is heartbreaking that year after year, month after month, and sadly day after day commonplaces such as grocery stores, churches, movie theaters, and schools have become potentially dangerous environments due to mass shootings. We don’t have all of the answers but ask that you join with us in supporting our friends in Uvalde by donating to the United with Uvalde fund.

Contributions will be used to support immediate and long-term mental health resources. The funds will also address any emerging needs that develop in the future. Support services will be for students, teachers and families in Uvalde. Funds will be made available to nonprofit organizations with experience and expertise in providing direct mental health services for communities impacted by trauma. Please join us as we stand united with Uvalde in this time of unthinkable tragedy.

• Donation link:

• Text to Donate: UVALDE to 41444