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One Second Collaborative Announces Community Involvement Opportunities

Wednesday, February 15, 2023

With program implementation launching in early summer, the One Second Collaborative (OSC) needs your support to make this initiative a success!

We’re looking for representatives from community-based organizations addressing youth gun violence to serve on the OSC Steering Committee. Together with United Way of Tarrant County and coalition partners, this committee will oversee the program’s actions.

The One Second Collaborative also invites nonprofits, faith-based organizations, higher education institutions, healthcare systems and government agencies who support our work to join as programmatic partners. Through an RFP process, we will select partners who have demonstrated success in reducing youth gun violence in Tarrant County.

Deadlines are quickly approaching! Steering Committee applications are due Friday, March 3 and Letters of Intent to become programmatic partners are due Friday, March 24.

Learn more about each opportunity below.

To ensure this Collaborative is representative of the Tarrant County community, the actions of OSC shall be overseen by United Way of Tarrant County, in partnership with the other coalition members, alongside a community-based Steering Committee with a minimum of 12 and a maximum of 20 members. Steering Committee members will be identified based on the following:

  • Two committee members appointed by each of the following coalition anchor members:
    • United Way of Tarrant County
    • Tarrant County
    • The City of Fort Worth
    • Fort Worth Police Department
  • Two committee members appointed by School District Leadership
  • Five neighborhood representatives (Neighborhoods identified by the anchor organizations; representation identified by the elected Fort Worth Councilmember / Tarrant County Commissioner of that neighborhood)
  • Five community-based organization representatives

We are looking for representatives from community-based organizations who are interested in serving on the Steering Committee and whose mission (or part of the mission) is:

  • To reduce the incidence of youth gun violence, and/or
  • To support those youth and community members who have been impacted by youth gun violence.

The Steering Committee will meet in-person for three hours monthly from February/March 2023 through December 2024. Participation at 80% or more of the meetings is required.

Please note: Any organization that serves on the Steering Committee that also intends to respond to RFPs to support the work of the One Second Collaborative would be required to abstain from any/all decisions regarding vendor selection.

Interested community organizations should answer the questions provided in the membership application section and submit them by noon CST, Sunday, February 26, 2023 to, Subject: OSC Steering Committee Member Application. Send this to the attention of Regina Williams, Executive Vice President and Chief Impact Officer at United Way of Tarrant County.

Final selections will be made collectively by representatives from the anchor organizations of the Collaborative: United Way of Tarrant County, City of Fort Worth, Fort Worth Police Department and Tarrant County.

  1. Organization Name
  2. Organization CEO or Executive Director and email address
  3. Organization Representative for Steering Committee and email address:
  4. Organization Mailing address
  5. What year was the organization founded?
  6. Is your organization a 501c3? If so, attach 501c3 documentation along with application.
  7. What is the mission/vision of the organization?
  8. Why do you want your organization to join the One Second Collaborative Steering committee?
  9. How would your organization define success for the One Second Collaborative?
  10. Please include any of the following components that your organization focuses on regarding youth gun violence (For each selected component, please provide at least one impact example):
    • Prevention
    • Intervention
    • Suppression
    • Re-Entry
  11. Is there anything additional about your organization that you would like to share?

Become a Programmatic Partner.

The purpose and objective of this opportunity are to identify organizations interested in supporting the work of the One Second Collaborative as a programmatic partner whose mission (or part of their mission) is to reduce the incidents of youth gun violence (in Tarrant County) and/or support those youth and community members who have been impacted by youth gun violence. Specifically, the OSC RFP process, overseen by United Way of Tarrant County, will identify programmatic partners who have a track record of success in the reduction of youth gun violence in Tarrant County, with a specific focus on the following four focus areas: 

  • Prevention 
  • Intervention
  • Suppression
  • Re-Entry

The specific goals and performance indicators of the Collaborative will be developed by the community Steering Committee in Spring 2023, at which time the RFP will be opened to receive applications based on the specific objectives needing to be achieved. 

Organizations interested in learning more and supporting the initiative will be required to submit a Letter of Intent (LOI). 

Applicants eligible to submit a proposal for this collaborative should be nonprofit agencies, city or county government agencies, faith-based organizations, local education agencies, and institutions of higher education serving Tarrant County.

Applicants must agree to use a data platform infrastructure that will connect the ecosystem of services, and service providers.

Organizations interested in submitting a response to the RFP should submit a Letter of Intent by noon CST, Wednesday, March 6, 2023 to, Subject: OSC Letter of Intent for RFP. Send the letter to the attention of: Regina Williams, Executive Vice President and Chief Impact Officer at United Way of Tarrant County.

The formal RFP is anticipated to be released on March 13, 2023, at which point all entities that have submitted a letter of intent will receive an invitation to apply.

An organization will not be considered in the formal response window if there is not a Letter of Intent submitted by the deadline outlined above.

Please include the following items when submitting your letter of intent: 

  • Organization Name: 
  • Organization Mailing Address: 
  • CEO or Executive Director Name: 
  • CEO or Executive Director email address: 
  • Primary Contact for notification: 
  • Primary Contact email address: 
  • Date organization founded: 
  • Number of organization employees: 
  • Mission/vision of organization: 
  • Program Name: 
  • Program Focus: Identify any of the following components that your organization would be interested in being a programmatic partner of the One Second Collaborative:
    • Prevention
    • Intervention
    • Suppression
    • Re-Entry

In one paragraph, explain the value that the program would bring to addressing youth gun violence. 

To be considered for this request, applicants will be required to submit the following upon the official opening of the RFP process in March:

  • Resume(s) of key personnel and summary of qualifications
  • A draft work plan that outlines estimated timelines and key activities to meet the deliverables outlined in the RFP
  • A detailed budget that includes costs by component, fee structure, and expenses, including for key personnel, subcontractors, and overhead costs
  • At least two past work examples and references who can speak to your/your team’s skills and work quality on similar projects