LIVE WELL:  Our Health Initiative

Poor health can render even education and income useless if you can’t work or have to pay expensive nursing home fees for a loved one. That’s what makes health one of the building blocks of a good life.


OUR BOLD GOAL: We will have improved the lives of 17,000 adults with ongoing health concerns by the year 2020.

3 Core Values:

  • Care for Caregivers - 

    Provides support for the people who take care of loved ones with ongoing health concerns
  • A Healthier Me - 

    Provides services to adults in our community with ongoing health concerns
  • A Healthier Community - 

    Helps to educate and provide information for a healthier Tarrant County community

We serve our community by helping those that are in need by:

  • Providing screening to catch diabetes and other chronic diseases early
  • Teaching people with conditions such as diabetes how to care for themselves
  • Teaching caregivers of family members with Alzheimer’s how to take care of their loved ones and themselves
  • Providing counseling and respite care to caregivers
  • Providing transportation to medical appointments, individual and family counseling, hot meals at senior citizen centers and more.

See how we're doing: